Yarl Smart Water Solution offers (RO) Plants to customers by adapting to their requirements and specifications. Not only we customise our filters but we are a dealer of a well-known Indian filter brand known as Kent.

Industrial and Domestic RO Plants provides bacteria free pure drinking water and installation can be done easily in homes, offices, food centres, schools, factories and hospitals. Water purified through RO plants is known to be safe for consumption because it keeps minerals to a limit such as sodium, calcium carbonate and manganese.


Water treatment is the process to make water a better quality and to remove harmful contaminants to make it safe for consumption.

Water Softener

Yarl Smart Water provides softeners depending on the customers’ requirements. It removes magnesium and calcium, when there a substantial amount of calcium and magnesium it is known as hard water. When the water is hard, it blocks pipes, hence the installation of water softening systems prevents harmful effects from occurring.

Iron Removal Plant

Iron removal plants eliminate iron from water, sulphate and sodium. The presence of irons results in colour change of water and taste. Yarl Smart Water’s Iron removal plants are one of the best solutions for both domestic and industrial use.


A wastewater treatment plant cleans water in order to eliminate pollutants and to release it back to the environment. It is a huge responsibility for both domestic and industrial institutions to reduce harmful waste as not only it impacts the environment but is a health issue as it leads to many illnesses and diseases. Therefore, when wastewater does not receive enough treatment, the overall quality of the water supply suffers.

Our technicians adapt to the customer’s needs and install treatment plants to ensure satisfaction levels are high.


Design and Construction

Yarl Smart Water Solution, provides unique swimming pool construction in Srilanka. We design swimming pools according to the customers’ requirements and the essential aspects of its construction.

Maintenance & Repair

We provide maintenance and repair services for clients. Yarl Smart Water Solution believes maintenance of your swimming pool is vital to keep the water healthy and safe. Also, we do repairs for water features and swimming pools whether it’s already existing or newly constructed.